About Us

Welcome to The Stalwart Heritage!

The Stalwart Heritage Limited is a private Kenyan company with investments in information technology, hospitality, event organization and real estate among a wide spectrum of ventures. With main operations in Kenya, the company is establishing networks beyond the borders to extend our reach and meet the ever growing customer demands. Our diversity is determined by the professionalism and quality service delivery demonstrated in the expertise employed by our staff. We have over the years redefined IT and the digital era by providing efficient online services, software development, networking, Computer accessories and digital marketing, printing stationery among a litany of services. Most of our customers enjoy fast reliable internet and cyber services in our cyber cafes.

We have developed into a limited company with unlimited opportunities after treading the path of small scale businesses. The resilience and commitment to do business differently has seen us thrive in diversity while developing customer confidence and trust. Through our well trained and qualified personnel, we provide the best Information Technology solutions that has seen us develop and manage websites for individuals and cooperates.

Our outlets and cyber cafes provide the fastest service delivery you will always cherish. Printing your office and marketing paraphernalia for business is often produced conveniently to fit your timelines.

Event organization comes with a fully organized Public address system, Tents & Chairs, Outside Catering and digital (Video/Photograph) documentation. The provision of these services gives a special touch to your events and wipes away all vestiges of disappointment. The quality of service delivery is always standard with the highest level of professionalism employed by well-trained experts. Real estate ventures, from Commercial to residential apartments provide quality affordable housing to our clients in dignified conditions. There is strategically located office spaces for those looking to start up an office and extend their business environment.

Our professional consultancies in Media, Information Technology, software development, Nutrition, Counseling Psychology, Building and construction, are one of the best you can ever meet. In the pursuit for excellence and better service delivery we continue to improve to satisfy the customer demands with a view of becoming the best option to our clients.